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Need a new roof? You have come to the right place! At KP roofing Boca Raton, we offer a variety of new roofing materials so you could make the most suitable and informed decisions about your roofing needs. Browse through the list of roofing materials to understand the roofing of your property needs.

The following are the roof installation services we are proud experts in providing among Boca Raton contractors.

1.Metal Roofing

With the current trend of minimalism, Metal Roofing has gained rising popularity in recent times, surpassing the conventional methods such as Asphalt Shingles and Clay tiles. Metal Roofing is highly reliable and durable and is customizable. The installation of the metal roofs is quick and hassle-free. Aside from the aesthetic appeal it provides, the maintenance of the metal roofs is easy.

2.Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are probably one of the oldest forms of roofing used. They are best known for the Mediterranean styled, strong appearances. Mostly, made of earthen clay, they are valued for their resistance towards fire and wind. They are also energy-efficient, cost-effective, and are durable.

Clay tiles are available in different shades and profiles to accommodate and fit the roofing profiles. Often preferred for their decorative charm, clay tiles are weather friendly. They are heavy and hence require an experienced professional to handle them with a strong support frame.

3.Slate Roofing

Known for their high durability, Slate roofing, when laid well can last 100 years or longer. If you prefer using Slate for your roof, consider having your roof frame checked by an engineer to understand if it can withstand the heaviness of the slate. Slate roofing is comparatively expensive and requires professional assistance.

4.Cedar Roofing

Affordability and easy installation are some of the most prominent features of Cedar Roofing. Their unique rustic texture and tough shade are what make them the most natural material for a roof. Make sure the Cedar is treated with a fire retardant and insecticide. Cedar roofing can be installed with shingles and shakes.

5.Rubber Roofing:

Rubber roofing is primarily made of rubber or plastic polymers. These materials are known to be eco-friendly since they are mostly made from recycled tires, sawdust, and slate dust. Using Rubber roofing reduces the risk of leakages and to achieve perfect sealing. Rubber roofing is flexible and water-proof and reaches corners and cornices that other conventional materials do not.

Rubber roofing is easy on the wallet and includes very little maintenance costs. At KP Roofing Boca Raton we have professionals who deal with Single Ply synthetic rubber roofing efficiently.

We provide all possible roofing solutions for all your commercial and residential requirements.

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